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Engineer’s words:

With the development of the tent market, the usage of dome tent is more and more extensive, so the function of dome tent has become more and more complete.Because of the unique shape of the dome tent, therefore, in the process of designing, we need to do a series of mechanical certification to ensure the stability of the tent and snow resistant grade.

Shoulder dome tent has alot of practical application cases, the product quality is far ahead of others in tent industry, we can confidently tell our customers that shoulder dome tent is trustworthy.

Customer Testimonials

Ivan District Manager I have taken a fancy to the trend of hotel tents in the homestay industry. Therefore, I have decisively purchased a number of small dome tents for the homestay. After the use of the dome hotel tents, our hotel is full every day, our room rate have 50% increase.
Queenie Planning Director We are an event planning company. Recently, we found that dome tent is more and more popular in the event, so, we decided to purchase a large dome tent with 20m diameter from Shoulder. With the big dome tent, we get many favorable comments from our customers.
Jackie Executive Creative Director Winter in Canada is particularly cold, the most of the winter is with heavy winds and heavy snow,so all of the outdoor activities need to have safe and stable tents which can resist wind and snow. Shoulder tents solve our troubles,make us feel warmth for winter activities.
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